What To Expect From Your Puppy’s First Visit To The Vet

After finding your ideal puppy, it is important that you make an appointment with a vet.  A puppy has an immature immune system and is especially prone to illness and disease. Early immunizations will provide protection from infectious diseases and ensure the well-being of your pup. A first visit to the vet can be a little overwhelming for the pup, and you may feel a little tense about it. This easy guide will give you some hints on what to expect from that first visit and how to make things go smoothly. Read More 

What Can Ultrasounds Tell Us About Our Pets?

As a pet owner, it's important that you understand the procedures and tests your vet might suggest for your pet — particularly ultrasound imaging. The blog post explores the conditions that can be diagnosed using pet ultrasounds. 1. Heart Disease  One common condition vets diagnose with ultrasounds is heart disease. This includes any type of issue related to the heart, such as an enlarged heart, irregular heartbeat and fluid buildup around the heart. Read More