Advice When Your Dog Is Sick

With dogs, vomiting can be caused by many different things. Even when your dog has finished being sick, it is advisable to seek professional advice from a vet because it may indicate a more serious disorder than a simple upset stomach. Of course, dogs do eat lots of things they find on the ground, so sometimes they simply need to get rid of what they have ingested before it does more harm. That said, repeated sickness is an issue to be taken seriously. What would a qualified vet advise you to do if your pet is throwing up?

Offer Plenty to Drink

Pet dogs should have constant access to water at all times. They need to have their water bowl refilled as soon as it is looking empty. When a dog has been vomiting, this is even more crucial to ensure a good recovery. If your dog is feeling too poorly to get to his or her usual drinking station, bring their bowl to them. However, your vet will also advise you to prevent excessive water consumption since this can lead to diarrhoea. Try to get your dog out of the sun so that dehydration does not make the vomiting worse.

Avoid Titbits

When a dog has been sick, it is a good idea to stick to the usual feeding regime without treats or trying to make up for the 'lost' food with snacks. Above all, refrain from offering your dog human food, including leftovers. When it is your dog's mealtime, feed them in the usual way with the same amount as you would always serve. As any vet will tell you, dogs are notoriously greedy, but overfeeding will only place their digestive tract under greater strain.

Stick to One Food

Some dog sickness occurs when you switch from one type of dog food to another. If this has happened, you could try going back to the former brand. However, owners who want to shift to another food can do so. Vets advise mixing the two foods and gradually increasing the amount of the new one you give each day whilst reducing the other one by the corresponding amount. A week-long transition usually overcomes stomach upsets when a dog's diet is altered.

Prevent Scavenging

If you think your dog has become sick because it picked up something in your local park when on a walk, you should take steps to prevent scavenging. Walking on a lead is a good first step, but if this still does not prevent the issue then consider putting your pet in a muzzle.

You can contact your local vet clinic for more information.