4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Dog Desexing

Desexing prevents animals from breeding. This procedure has many health benefits, and it also improves the behaviour of the animal. Many pet owners choose to have this procedure performed to prevent pregnancies. However, the benefits of the procedure do not end there. If you are wondering why you should have a vet perform a desexing procedure on your dog, read on to find out more.

1. Reduces the Risks Associated With Pregnancies 

There are a lot of risks that are associated with pregnancies. For instance, the animal may suffer from eclampsia, a difficult birth, loss of the foetus and infection of the mammary glands and uterus. Additionally, when a pet is pregnant, it becomes very weak because, at this point, it has deficiencies of important minerals such as calcium. This makes the animal prone to diseases. If you want to avoid these risks, it is best to have the animal desexed.

2. It Prevents the Animal From Roaming Around

When a pet is desexed, its behaviour changes. For instance, animals roam around looking for a mate during mating season. However, your pet is less likely to do the same after the procedure. Therefore, when a vet desexes the animal, it does not often roam, which reduces the probability of the animal being involved in an accident.

Additionally, it also reduces urine marking and aggression, which is common among male animals.

3. Control Behaviours Associated With the Reproduction Cycle 

When a pet is desexed, it does not display behaviours that are linked to the reproductive cycle. Some of these unpleasant behaviours, making it hard to live with the animal in the same house. For example, when female dogs are in season, they produce some vaginal discharge, which is not appealing to look at.

Additionally, aggression is also common among animals that are in heat. These animals are sometimes violent, and they may injure you or someone else. However, your pet will become calmer after it goes through this procedure, making it easier to care for. 

4. It Improves the Health of Your Pets

When an animal is desexed, it enjoys a healthier life than one that is not desexed. This procedure reduces the risk of the animal suffering from health conditions such as uterine infections and mammary cancer. In addition, research has found that animals that have gone through this procedure have a longer life span than those that have not. 

As seen, dog desexing not only controls the number of unwanted animals, but it also has some additional benefits. If you are yet to have your animal desexed, schedule an appointment with a vet so that the animal can go through this procedure and enjoy the benefits discussed.