Could Your Dog Be Anaemic? 3 Questions You May Want Your Vet to Answer

If the gums of your four-legged friend are pale, consult your vet since it may have developed a serious health problem. If you can see some dark patches on its gums, check if they are natural pigment patches. Otherwise, if your dog has dense black patches on its pale gums, it could be anaemic. Can Anaemia Cause Pale Gums in Dogs? If your dog is infested with fleas or internal parasites that feed on blood, it could be anaemic. Read More 

Tips to Help You Buy Food That Leaves Your Cat Happy and Healthy

Just like humans, pets like cats are what they eat. As a feline guardian, pet food is an expense you shouldn't take lightly. The health of your pet mainly depends on the food you give them. Healthy pet food doesn't just boost your pet's immunity and its general health, but it also delays veterinary visits and minimises medical expenses. If you want to buy high-quality pet food, you need to read pet-food labels correctly. Read More 

Two tips to remember when visiting a vet clinic with your newly adopted cat for the first time

If you'll soon be visiting a vet clinic with your newly adopted cat for the first time, these tips should allow you to handle this situation with ease. Make sure the pet carrier that you'll be using is a place your pet enjoys spending time Many cats would not take kindly to being unexpectedly popped into a pet carrier that they have never been in before and subsequently being transported away from their home and into a vet clinic. Read More 

Advice When Your Dog Is Sick

With dogs, vomiting can be caused by many different things. Even when your dog has finished being sick, it is advisable to seek professional advice from a vet because it may indicate a more serious disorder than a simple upset stomach. Of course, dogs do eat lots of things they find on the ground, so sometimes they simply need to get rid of what they have ingested before it does more harm. Read More 

Do You Really Need To Brush Your Dog’s Teeth?

Loving pet parents try to stay on top of everything to do with their dog's health, but oral health is one thing that many dog owners neglect without even realising it. It's estimated that more than 80% of dogs show signs of gum disease by their third birthday--so what can you do to help protect your pooch's precious teeth? Choose a diet consisting of mostly dry food. Dry food is better for a dog's teeth than wet food because having something to crunch on helps to clean them--and there's less danger of food particles sticking between the teeth or below the gumline. Read More